Norton Guitars, was founded by Hugh M. Norton, the inventor and patent holder of the Norton Mainframe. Norton Guitars was formed to create guitars and basses utilizing the patented Norton Mainframe (USP 5,995,663Utility Patent with 26 separate claims allowed).

Hugh M. Norton is the creative vision behind the patented technology and the driving force in the creation of extraordinary guitars and basses. Our instruments are crafted in the USA using the patented Norton Mainframe. Among the primary benefits of the Mainframe is the ability to expand the scope and texture of the instruments' musicality, attack and sustain. More importantly, Norton guitars and basses provide musicians with the ability to establish your own sound and style, your own statement.

Norton is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. He has a degree in Film Scoring and Musical Arrangement. Norton is an accomplished musician, composer and arranger. Norton was the touring lead guitarist for T-Bone Walker until his death in 1978. In addition, he has a degree, with honors, in technical electronics and is a gifted craftsman in wood and metal.

Photography: Thomas Magno


  • Norton Guitars, Plc
  • P.O. Box 762 Beverly,
  • MA 01915


Norton Guitars, lk is under agreement to use US Patent 5,994,633 owned by Hugh M. Norton. Norton Guitars, lk is under agreement to use the following registered trademarks ownd by Armond McCoy: Norton Mainframe, Norton Mainframe Systems, Python, Wraith, Merlin Bass and the stylized N logo.